Pregnant Bride

What To Expect From Your Wedding

Gone are the days of the "shotgun" weddings when a pregnant bride meant marriage through pressure or even coercion. Today, attitudes tend to be more relaxed, and there are no longer reasons why a pregnant bride should not have a typical "white wedding" like her peers. More >>

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Finding a Beautiful Wedding Dress While Pregnant

You simply need to find a wedding dress for pregnant woman that will allow you to achieve the wedding of your dreams while accommodating your growing stomach. More >>

Pregnant mom reading

Planning a Wedding While You Are Pregnant

The 21st century is a modern era, and many people are more acceptable of certain practices than they would have been years ago. More >>

For The Bride

Close-up on Brides Feet

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

If you want your wedding day to be wonderful and memorable, you'll need to make sure you get comfortable wedding shoes. No bride wants to spend time at their wedding and their reception with their feet hurting, and the last thing you want to have to remember was how sore your feet were on one of the most important days of your life. More >>

Pregnant Bride

Hot Fashions For Pregnant Brides

Maternity wedding dresses have come a very long way since they were first designed. More >>

Bride wearing jewelry

Bridal Jewelry Sets

You don't have to spend astronomical amounts of money to get a stunningly crafted, beautiful bridal jewelry set. More >>

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Pregnancy Conception And Due Date Calculators

New parents often want to know the date their baby was conceived and the due date when their baby will be born. More >>

Pearl necklaces

Discount Pearl Necklaces Online

You can buy simulated discount pearl necklaces, freshwater pearl necklaces, and you can also buy faux pearl necklaces if you are seeking affordable pearls. More >>

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Creative Baby Showers

It is a good idea to get a sense of what the expectant mother likes before choosing the central party theme. More >>

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Stylish Maternity Apparel Online

You might consider purchasing your maternity apparel online. More >>

For The Baby

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Finding Trendy Clothing for Babies

Since you can access many different companies catalogs online filled with a wide array of clothing for baby, you can create a unique wardrobe for a child while saving a significant amount of money. More >>

Infant shoes

Finding Shoes For Infants Online

it is vital that you get the right shoes for infants that are the right kind and the right quality. More >>

Cute baby wearing a cap

Hand Made Baby Gifts

While there are many commercial gifts that are on the market you might want to buy something that is little more out of the ordinary. More >>

Cute baby sleeping on a blanket

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

In general, organic farms have forty percent more birds in their fields and more native plants in their fields than chemically controlled cotton farms that rely on pesticides for pest control. More >>

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Personalized Baby Gifts

They are wonderful keepsakes and something that the baby will be able to look back on in years to come. More >>

Husband and pregnant wife playing with baby shoes

Family Heirloom Gift Ideas

Some family heirlooms are actually antiques, while other family heirlooms become antiques with the passage of time as they are handed down to future generations. More >>

Cute baby wearing a colorful hat

Personalized Baby Gifts

More and more people are deciding that they only want the best for their baby. More >>